Five Techniques for Finding Inspiration

Everyday life is often busy–overwhelming with pressures and demands. Daily chores and deadlines can leave little time for finding the motivation and inspiration you need to get through the day and make each moment of it a pleasant one. After time, this lifestyle takes a toll–sapping your drive, focus and even the capacity to set […]

13 Questions To Test Your Positive Thinking

I practice positive thinking on a daily basis.  It’s my mantra. Why?  Numerous scientific studies have exhibited that people with positive thinking are physically and psychologically competent and tend to think in a healthy manner. Positive thinkers not only inspire people in their surrounding, but also keep the environment energetic and motivated. They see the lighter […]

Bourbon Whiskey Tasting at a Winery? Best of Both at Riverwood Winery in Missouri

The friends and I took advantage of a relatively mild day over the weekend to get up to the Weston area of Missouri, easily one of our favorite places.  It’s the perfect small town, with Main Street-esque antique shops and an underground bar, O’Malley’s, that features Irish beer and music. On this occasion we were celebrating a birthday despite the […]

Texting Rules for Grown Ups

Everyone is texting.  Nielsen Mobile research recently has shown that the average American with a cell phone sends more texts than places telephone calls.  Teenagers send and receive and average of 1700 text messages a month.  Teenagers are now not the only ones sending texts.  Grandparents and business people are using texts to communicate more […]

Tips for Dealing with the Winter Blues

Having the winter blues is actually quite common. Many of us have been affected by it in one way or another. The cold, less exposure to sunlight, and cabin fever can cause feelings of sadness, fatigue and boredom. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real and serious type of the winter blues, with many people […]

Kansas City: The Crossroads Art District

With well over 50 different art venues, the Kansas City Crossroads Art District has quickly gained national notoriety as being a premier art destination in the Midwest. From the rubble of old brick warehouses and abandoned businesses, Kansas City created a mixed use neighborhood that brings thousands of people to the area each year. A […]