Bourbon Whiskey Tasting at a Winery? Best of Both at Riverwood Winery in Missouri

The friends and I took advantage of a relatively mild day over the weekend to get up to the Weston area of Missouri, easily one of our favorite places.  It’s the perfect small town, with Main Street-esque antique shops and an underground bar, O’Malley’s, that features Irish beer and music. On this occasion we were celebrating a birthday despite the […]

The Big List: Where to Find Food and Eat Along the Missouri Katy Trail

This list is not all-inclusive. It does give bicyclists and other users a good idea of what is available near the trail. Towns 4-miles off the trail or further, such as Columbia, Holt Summit, Washington, and St Louis, also have eateries.  1. Bike Katy Trail http://www.bikekatytrail.com2. Missouri State Parks food outlet types along the […]

Camping, Caving, and a Scenic Drive in the Ozark National Forest

Ozark National Forest has about 1.2 million acres located in the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas. A few of many highlights in this National Forest are Mount Magazine Scenic Byway offering beautiful, scenic overlooks of the Arkansas River Valley, Blanchard Springs Caverns, and many campgrounds including Horsehead Lake and Cove Lake campgrounds offering beautiful lake […]

Travel the Katy Trail in Missouri- Doing It At Three Different Expense Levels

Thousands of bicyclists and hikers use this trail annually. Some want to do the whole thing as an outdoor experience; others, as cheaply as possible. Still others want to experience it with lavish meals and accommodations. Most of us do it somewhere in-between. Here are three cost-level ways to do it, from inexpensive to lush. […]