Illinois Winery Trail Trip – Illinois Welcomes Wine Travel Lovers

Illinois Winery

We have a guest post today from our blogger friend Jerry Porter. Check out his trip through the Illinois wine country!  Much like the surrounding states of Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana, Illinois offers several appealing destinations to wine travel lovers.  You’ll find clusters of wineries in every part of the state, including metropolitan Chicago.  Grapes […]

Touring the Hermann, Missouri Wine Trail

One thing is for certain: wineries in Hermann, Missouri are on to something. All of them have long-standing histories with the land and heritage and a dedication to providing the best possible tasting wine. With decades of experience behind them, why wouldn’t you want to visit? Wineries are prolific in Missouri. The milder climate makes […]

Top Wineries in Iowa

Iowa has a long history of grape growing and wine making, much like other Midwestern states.  The soil there is fertile and conducive to growing all sorts of crops, including grapes.  In particular, the river valleys in Iowa’s western and eastern regions are perfect for vineyards. When Prohibition arrived in 1920, Iowa farmers turned to […]

Making Wine in Oregon

When it comes to wine growing regions, Oregon is often viewed as a bit of a problem child, often caught sticking out its tongue whenever the grape vines aren’t looking. Simply put,  Oregon contains inconsistent weather – a short supply of sunshine, a shortage of heat, and enough rain to cause local animals to line […]