Riverwood Winery Wine and Whiskey Tasting 2017

Riverwood Winery Wine Tasting
Co-owners David Naatz and Ginah Mortensen of Riverwood Winery to the north, in Rushville, invite visitors to join them for wine tsaatings in the winery. 
The couple moved to the area 20 years ago. Naatz is from Denver and Mortensen has family in Missouri in Stockton. They moved from Washington, D.C., with the goal of buying a farm. They searched and learned the building where the tasting room is now located was for sale. They noticed abandoned grape vines and began wondering if wine-making might be something to try.
They opened the winery in 2007. The tasting room was originally an old school building built in the 1950s. The schoolhouse closed about 30 years later.
“It was a VFW hall and then an antique mall,” Naatz says. “It is perfect for a winery/tasting room with plenty of seating indoors and out, and an arbor for shaded seating.”
The winery makes small batches with only about seven acres of grapes.


The  whiskey bar has recently been expanded to twice its size to better accommodate over 180 different whiskeys from around the world! We have a wonderful selection of whiskey from each of the regions of Scotland with an array of fascinating aromas and flavors, from smoky and peaty, to light and dark, to sweet, nutty, fruity and chocolatey! It’s a fun and educational experience as you compare the flavors and aromas of these classic spirits!